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    • Parking & Safety Reminder
      Please remember to keep your time on the front lawn brief and safe.   AM students remember the afternoon classes need to park and if the morning students are still here it makes parking difficult.   
      *Please watch your child at all times when leaving the building and returning to your car.  
      Please remember parking is permitted ONLY in the following areas:
      *East side of North Carll Avenue (at curb in front building)
      *Parking lot at Msgr. Nolan Hall
      *Parking lot in rear of building 

      *DO NOT park in the Babylon High School lot or on west side of N. Carll Avenue
      *North Carll Avenue is a very busy street with cars, buses and emergency vehicles.
        When parked on N. Carll Ave. do not take your child out of the car on the street side of the car. 
      * In the driveway between the church and school buildings
      This is for the safety of all our children.   Thank you.
    • Let's Play & Toddling Twos

      We are registering for our Let's Play 1-2 year olds and Toddling Twos 2-3 year olds with caregiver.  These classes are on Mondays.   Please call for more info.

      OPENINGS are available for 2 1/2, 3 and 4 year old classes too!